In 1986 I moved as a teenager from a small town in Nebraska to a small town called Cardedeu, about 35 km northeast of Barcelona.  You can imagine how that would completely change ones life. I ended up making it my home for over a decade and then later moved to the San Antoni neighborhood in Barcelona where my wife and I continue to live despite these past few years as we’ve bounced between Barcelona and New York, where we both currently work.

My English-speaking friends and family are increasingly interested in Barcelona and the fascinating political process the drive for independence is creating. So, I’ve set up this site to make it really easy to follow along.

My special thanks to OpenTopic, a company that makes it really easy to curate highly focused content. The news you read on this site is automatically pulled in and published here in real time. So you’re getting the absolute latest news without having to wait for me to log in and click “publish”.

I hope you enjoy the news feed and my own posts / commentary about what’s going on.

Mike McCready
Why I launched this site


You might enjoy this….  A few years ago I was considering doing a series of video podcasts featuring Barcelona and New York.  These were to be done in Catalan.  I made a pilot but ultimately couldn’t get it together to continue.  I’ve had it on my computer since I completed it but hadn’t shown it.  Not that it’s all that great, but here it is anyway.