As Madrid and Catalonia argue, Spaniards ask, ‘What about our say?’


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Two men, one wearing a Spanish flag, left, and the other wearing a Catalonian estelada, talk during Spain’s National Day, in Barcelona, Spain, on Oct. 12.

—Ever since neighboring Catalonia held a vote on declaring independence from Spain, this city has been festooned with the national flag in what might seem at first glance a collective exaltation of the Spanish state.

It fits the dominating narrative of two combating sides in the country’s biggest political crisis in decades – Catalans who seek self-determination and Spaniards who will do anything to stop it. The flags unfurled over balconies across Zaragoza, the capital of the Aragon region, match in visuals the sight of esteladas – the flags symbolizing Catalan independence – increasingly swaying in Barcelona.

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