Catalonia’s appeal to foreign investors


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Since the early days of the so-called Catalan process, much has been said about the effects of the turmoil that would be provoked by the eventual independence of this region, in particular concerning the capacity of a new independent Catalonia to maintain its foreign direct investments (FDI) or to attract new ones. Those against the independence process have painted, with little success so far, a rather catastrophic scenario. For instance, the economic journal La Gaceta de los negocios wrote on November 5, 2012 that five multinationals (no names given) were stopping their investments in Catalonia. On May 26, 2015, the online journal El economista digital wrote that Barnices Valentine (Portugal) was putting its investment plans in Catalonia on standby mode. And more recently, Enric Millo, the speaker of PP in Catalonia’s parliament, said that “investors are always looking for stable regions with fair and responsible politicians”.

Oriol Martínez-ANC

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