Pep Cruanyes: ‘Spain refuses to recognize Companys’ assassination; we shall report it to the EU’


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Seventy-five years ago today, the president of the Catalan government, Lluís Companys, was executed by the Spanish Franco regime in Barcelona’s Montjuïc Castle. A few days earlier, he had been captured by the Gestapo in France, where he had lived in exile since the end of the Spanish Civil War. After being handed over to the Spanish authorities, he was court-martialled without due process and executed.

As every year, to commemorate this fateful day, Catalonia today pays homage to the man who was its president. The Dignity Commission recently called on the Spanish government to condemn the assassination once and for all and to declare null and void the ruling against Companys, but it has yet to receive an answer. ‘We will report the Spanish government to the EU’, said the group’s president, Pep Cruanyes. Spain’s refusal to recognize Francoist crimes, says Cruanyes, puts it in breach of human rights as established by the United Nations, and therefore the group intends to take the case to the EU.

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